Dual 18” (460mm), Very High Output, Manifolded Transmission Line, Subwoofer System'


The SW218XP generates an additional 3 dB of peak output, making it ideal for top level concert touring and festival applications requiring higher levels of low frequency response such as hard rock and electronic music. It does this by utilising the unique 4” Tetracoil, two separate voice coils
wound on both side of the same former and suspended in two axially separated magnetic gaps, enabling extreme excursion of the cone and suspension system. The SW218XP offers twice the output of the SW218P in the same size enclosure, so making it ideal for rental companies
looking to increase total system SPL capability for the same amount of inventory.

The SW218XP features reinforced birch plywood cabinets with stacking feet and heavy duty wheels.


    System’s Acoustic Principle: Manifolded Transmission Line
    Frequency Response (±3dB): 30 Hz - 92 Hz (Processed)
    Frequency Range (±10dB): 28 Hz - 300 Hz (Unprocessed)
    Nominal Impedance: 8 Ω + 8 Ω
    Maximum Peak SPL @ 1m: 143 dB

    Type: Two 18” (460mm), 4” (100mm) VC
    Cone: Water repellent cone and epoxy coated plates
    Voice Coil Type: 100mm (4in) Tetracoil dual voice coil, equivalent to a single coil diameter larger than 152mm (>6in)
    Suspension: Ultra linear suspension behavior

    Connector Type: Neutrik® Speakon® NL4 x 2
    Input Wiring. LF1 = Pin 1+/-; LF2 = Pin 2+/-

    Continuous AES Pink Noise Power : 1800W + 1800W 
    Program Power: 3600W + 3600W 
    Peak Power: 7000W + 7000W 
    Power Compression     
    @ -10dB Power: 0.6dB 
    @ -3dB Power: 2.0dB 
    @ 0dB Power. 3.4dB

    Width: 1215 mm (47.87”)
    Height: 590 mm (23.24”)
    Depth: 950 mm (37.43”)
    Depth Including Wheels: 1050 mm (41.37”)
    Enclosure Material: 15mm, reinforced phenolic birch
    Paint: High resistance, water based paint
    Wheels: 4 heavy-load 100mm ø
    Net Weight: 114 Kg (251.3 lbs)